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Dog Goggles, Dog Hunting Goggles, Tactical Dog Goggles

Dog Goggles, Dog Hunting Goggles, Tactical Dog Goggles

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-Shield from sun, wind and debris: These dog goggles effectively shield your pet's eyes from the sun's intense glare, offering protection that keeps their precious eyes safe during outdoor escapades. Your pet's well-being is our priority!

-Softness on dogs face: Your furry friend will appreciate the soft materials surrounding the eyeglass frame, providing a gentle and cozy fit, making these glasses a delightful accessory for their adventures.

-Designed to cater to medium to large size dogs: these dog goggles embody exceptional flexibility and toughness, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for a variety of dog face shapes.

-Easily adjustable head and jaw straps: featuring elastic bands, these dog glasses stay comfortably in place during any activity, giving your pet the freedom to move without worrying about them falling off.


Dog Goggles
Suitable For: Medium-Large dog
Material: TPE frame + nylon strap + EVA
Features: Soft PVC soft frame material, Designed for dog facial shape.



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