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Genuine Leather Dog Harness, Leather harness for dogs

Genuine Leather Dog Harness, Leather harness for dogs

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1.Enhance Your Dog's Style with a Leather Dog Harness: Experience the perfect combination of fashion and function with our premium leather dog harness. Meticulously crafted, it offers a touch of luxury for your canine companion.

2. Strength Meets Elegance: Our leather harness for dogs not only complements your pup's natural grace but also provides durability and control. Walk your furry friend confidently while turning heads with this stunning accessory.

3. Tailored Comfort: Designed with your dog's well-being in mind, this leather harness ensures a snug and secure fit. Say goodbye to tugging and discomfort, and hello to enjoyable walks with your four-legged friend.

4. A Timeless Investment: Built to withstand the test of time, our leather dog harness is more than just an accessory—it's a valuable addition to your dog's gear, offering both style and functionality. Choose quality and sophistication for your furry friend.

Product name: oil leather chest back

L :neck circumference 45-57 cm bust 73-83 cm
M: neck circumference 40-52 cm bust 63-73 cm


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