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Beagle White 15oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Travel Mug

Beagle White 15oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Travel Mug

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 Paw-fect Beagle Tumbler: Sip, Smile, Repeat!

  • Beagle Love: Celebrate your Beagle obsession with every sip from this 15 oz tumbler – a must-have for Beagle enthusiasts and fur-parents alike.

  • Gift Delight: Whether it's for your boyfriend, husband, sister, wife, or girlfriend, this tumbler is a thoughtful and charming gift that'll warm their heart and keep their drinks just right.

  • Unleash Sustainability: Step away from disposables and embrace eco-friendly sipping with this reusable coffee cup. Plus, with a dash of Beagle charm, you're sipping style while saving the planet.

  • Adventurous Spirit: Just like your Beagle, this tumbler is up for any adventure! From morning coffee to evening tea, it's the perfect companion for your daily life – tail wags not included.

Experience the joy of sipping with a touch of Beagle magic – visit us and grab your Beagle Tumbler today!

This 15oz stainless steel travel mug will keep your drinks at their desired temperature for hours and its leak-proof design means it won’t spill, no matter where you take it. It’s even dishwasher safe.

- 180 mm (7.08in) tall including lid, 160 mm tall (6.29in) without lid
- Bottom diameter of 61 mm (2.4in) and top diameter 84 mm (3.3in)

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