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Samoyed-Dog Fart Antidote Scented Candles,9oz , Samoyed Gifts

Samoyed-Dog Fart Antidote Scented Candles,9oz , Samoyed Gifts

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  1. Coastal Bliss: Our 9oz Sea Breeze Scented Samoyed Dog Fart Antidote Candle brings the soothing essence of a sea breeze into your home, creating a blissful and refreshing atmosphere.

  2. Laughter and Freshness: This delightful candle adds a touch of humor to your space while effectively eliminating those unexpected doggy odors, leaving your surroundings as fresh as a coastal retreat.

  3. Perfect Gift: It's an ideal gift for Samoyed enthusiasts, dog moms, and dog dads who appreciate both a good chuckle and a beautifully scented home.

  4. Relaxation by the Shore: Light up this candle to unwind in coastal elegance, as it fills your room with the invigorating scent of the sea, allowing you to relax and cherish the delightful presence of your Samoyed in a revitalized space.

.: One size (3″ × 3 2/8") (7.6cm × 8.25cm)
.: 100% natural soy wax blend
.: Average burn time: 50-60 hours
.: 100% cotton wick
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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