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Tibetan Mastiff- Dog Fart Antidote - Scented Candles, 9oz

Tibetan Mastiff- Dog Fart Antidote - Scented Candles, 9oz

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  1. Inviting Aroma: Our 9oz Comfort Spice Scented Tibetan Mastiff Dog Fart Antidote Candle fills your space with a warm and inviting fragrance, creating a cozy atmosphere that welcomes all.

  2. Humorous Relief: This charming candle adds a touch of humor to your surroundings while effectively neutralizing those unexpected doggy odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and delightful.

  3. Perfect Gift: It's a thoughtful and amusing gift for Tibetan Mastiff enthusiasts, dog moms, and dog dads, offering both a laugh and a comforting scent to their living spaces.

  4. Relaxation with Style: Light up this candle to unwind in style, as it envelops your room with the comforting scent of spices, allowing you to bask in the soothing ambiance and the companionship of your Tibetan Mastiff.

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